Introducing the new Xair H


The new Xair H has the same rugged landing gear and quick build features that are so popular on the Xair. The average builder can build the H in about 80 to 120 hours.


The Xair H is a more conventional designed Light Sport Aircraft that will cruise at 95 mph, and it has excellent stall and performance characteristics.


The Xair H is available in the same color patterns that are available in the Xair.


The H comes standard with doors, flaps, wiring harness, and engine mount for the Rotax 582 or the Jabiru 2200. Recommended engines are the Rotax 582, Rotax 912, and the Jabiru 2200.


The H is very quick to build. The cage can be constructed in a day and the entire kit with engine can be completed in 80 hours!


Engine and instrument installation will take another 20 to 40 hours, depending on the engine and accessories chosen.