A 1) Mount parts 111142C on tube 111005 (see A1A). Place unit 111 on the ground and insert all the tubes making up the cockpit frame: 138,139,140,142. Check that there is a chamfer at the upper end of tube 140. If not, do it.
This chamfer will avoid to the diameter 8 screw to come in contact with the tube 140 and to force on it when tightening

Place all bolts without tightening.


A 2) Assemble keel forward section 101 to aft section 102, observing the reference marking.
place keel on the cockpit assembly.

Do not fit the cables yet.

A2-1 A2-2

A 3) Fasten rear support tubes 141 between bottom of cockpit assembly and aft section of keel.


A 4) Remove the stainless steel fittings 119.110 and the lower hinge at the base of tube 119 and insert this tube in the hole at the tip of the keel.


A 5) Caution: important note:
Fuselage plate no 102130 behind the seat is drilled after checking that fin tube 119 stands vertically on the airframe.
Rear tubes 140 of the airframe already have two holes.

The plate must be drilled opposite the second of these holes.

Fasten with two 6×65 mm screws, inserting the seat safety cables (the cables are placed at the rear, to the lower side of the plate).

It may be necessary to realize a chamfer on the tube 140 to avoid the contact with the diam.8 screw. Put the tube 119 off.

A5 A5A

A 6) Assemble nosewheel tube 108 with its bellcrank 109 and the fork 110.

Align bellcrank 109 to the fork 110.

Drill 8 mm hole, insert screw but do not tighten at this stage.


A 7) Place the main tube 111 on trestles.

Install main gear 113 (without drag tubes); handle unit with care to avoid damage to the main shocks and legs.
At this stage, you may tighten (with loctite) the nuts already inserted excepted the upper screw of the engine supporting tube 138.

Assemble the floor 150. (see A7A+B+C)

Do not tighten the bolts of the rudder pedals.

The side of the pulleys with the red sign must be down.

A7 A7A A7B A7C